Longshine was founded in 2011, in Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan.
Known in Asia as “The Plant Kingdom”, Yunnan is famous for its excellent geography and climate, exceptionally large plant diversity and their very high potency. These elements makes Yunnan a major producer of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and health foods in the Asian market with an increasing worldwide demand. Yunnan’s southern region is (sub-) tropical and its north is cool and mountainous. Yunnan is traversed by many rivers that provide clean water. We operate farms in each region and select the best sites for creating the most potent products possible.
Our Business philosophy is simple:
let customers experience the true power of nature. Taste the powerful benefits now and improve your health. We don’t only create from nature, we preserve nature’s potency.
Core Business:
Our aim is to bring both rare and the most powerful of health- and superfoods to the world market.
Longshine is professionally committed to green and sustainable cultivation as well as fair-trade.
Chen Song
Chen Chen

Chen Hen
Senior Field and Farm inspector

Silvio Schelling
Int’l Sales & Acquisitions Manager
Li Sen
Deputy Manager
Plant Processing & Compliance
Yin Wei
Deputy Inspector
Jian Li